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Red Kuri Squash

by Chow Chow 17 years ago

Today I bought a beautiful reddish orange squash called a Red Kuri Squash. Anyone have any recipe ideas for it?

TJ's chocolate/cherry pancakes: simple & delicious

by Carb Lover 17 years ago

Made a wonderful breakfast this AM coincidentally using ALL Trader Joe's products and thought I'd share, esp. since it looks like TJ's is a hound favorite. Used their pancake mix and followed dir...

Valhrona cocoa powder

by meta 17 years ago

Not sure if this is the right board, but does anyone know a good local San Francisco source for Valhrona cocoa powder? Thx.

Can I freeze raw cookie dough?

by Coyote 17 years ago

Overshot number of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I need by about three dozen. The recipe says form the dough into balls the size and shape of golf balls. There are raw eggs in the dough. Can I ...

Big box o' lemons

by Professor Salt 17 years ago

Gurlfren is on a lemonade fast for the next couple of days. I overestimated and bought an entire box from my local restaurant supply. We're talking about 30 pounds worth, most of which will be left...

frozen sour cherries for a pie

by johnjohn 17 years ago

I have a few bags of frozen sour cherries in the frezzer from the summer. I would like to make a pie tomorrow - do i thaw the cherries before assembling the pie or should I keep them frozen and ba...

carmelizing red onions?

by edinaeats 17 years ago

has anyone carmelized red onions? should I use butter or evoo or both? I want to do something with the onions and cooked salmon- thanks!

HELP! ideas needed

by edinaeats 17 years ago

I am having a dinner party tomorrow and suddenly a piscatarian is coming- chicken pot pie out. Any ideas for a seafood pie type dish or other suggestions- Thanks!

Need sort-of canning advice by tomorrow night

by Wendy Lai 17 years ago

I have a big bag of cranberries that I bought at Costco. I'd like to make some sort of compot to give to friends. I bought some of those glass jars with the rubber rings in the opening and would ...

what do you make with rice and beans?

by bigskulls 17 years ago

I've just made a beautiful pot of pinto beans - nice and soupy the way I like them. I am, however, drawing a complete blank on what to make with them. Obviously, just about anything would work, but...

help-surplus of very ripe bananas

by rkn 17 years ago

I have around 8 overripe bananas and don't know what to do with them. I can make 1 or 2 loaves of banana bread but there is only so much bread a person can eat. What else can I do with these? ...

Mock Apple Pie

by Jimmy 17 years ago

Thinking about cooking some mock apple pie for Thanksgiving this year. Anyone tried it before, or have any advice about making it? Link: http://www.backofthebox.com/recipes/pies-pastries/ritz-mock...

up to my eyeballs in EGGS!

by rawcuzima 17 years ago

Well, the chickens at the farm our CSA sponsors have been very... fertile. I currently have 4 dozen free-range, organic eggs sitting in my fridge, waiting to turn rotten. Anyone have a favorite e...

blowtorch in the kitchen

by Tamar G 17 years ago

I don't want to burn my apartment down, so please help me. I just got a hardware store blowtorch (not one of those wimpy kitchen torches- a MANLY blowtorch that could easily take off my fingers...

Baking in a pudding mold

by Sir Gawain 17 years ago

I want to bake a cake in a steamed-pudding tinned-steel mold. (It basically looks like a bundt cake mold, only steeper and smaller, with a lid.) I plan to leave the lid off. Is there a problem w...

Dear Chowhound

by Spencer 17 years ago

Dear Chowhound, This addition was obviously needed and is obviously a huge success! Thank you, Spencer

Freezing Sweet Potato Casserole

by sue 17 years ago

Can a sweet potato casserole be prepared in advance and then frozen for two weeks? The ingredients I'll be using include butter and milk, and I would like to get a head-start on Thanksgiving, if I ...

Please help with your favorite Thanksgiving recipes

by Grace 17 years ago

I have always had Thanksgiving with my extended family and it's always been very informal, very potluck and very bad, so this year I'm excited to be spending Thanksgiving with my SO and only my SO....

Looking for Empanada Recipes

by brokevespa 17 years ago

In a few weeks, I'm having some friends over for dinner and I want to make several different kinds of empanadas. I'm looking for recipes that are different than the basic meat and cheese ones. An...

Banoffi Pie

by rufus1 17 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe, I tried it for the lst time in Ireland last month and it was delicious

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