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Ringing out the old

by pat hammond 21 years ago

Best wishes to all of Chowdom for a happy and healthy New Year from Pat in St. Louis.

romantic Italian Resaurant in Manhattan

by Peter Bobrow 21 years ago

Looking for a small cafe that won't break my wallet. preferably with sidewalk seating. Thank you all for your help.

Leek Latkes

by E. Cornell 21 years ago

Did anyone save the recipe that appeared in the Dining Out section of the Times for Leek Latkes? I meant to save it but threw it out and our over-efficient super scarfed my pile of recycled newspa...

HELP re: Potstickers Origin?

by Grace Toy 21 years ago

Hi there, Would anyone know for certain which province in China potstickers originate from? I need to find out for a contest that I'm entering (deadline 12/31). Please HELP! Thanks a lot in advan...

Extreme Chowhounding

by Chris E. 21 years ago

For a highly entertaining account of dining at its most intrepid, I call your attention to the following: http://www.salonmagazine.com/wlust/feature/1998/12/15fe ature.html

Reviewer Anonymity

by Steven Shaw 21 years ago

Jim introduced the topic of reviewer anonymity--about which he is quite passionate--over on the Manhattan board (in the Il Buco thread). It came up regarding David Rosengarten, who writes New Yo...

Jamon Iberico

by Robin Majumdar 21 years ago

I'm buying a Pata Negra Jamon for my father for Christmas and I wonder if anyone knows the best way to store it and how long it will last for (assuming it's not finished by February). TIA Robin

Ruggiero fraud

by Rachelhope 21 years ago

Did anyone catch the article in the NYT about Ruggiero's extreme habit of credit card fraud? How did he think he could get away with routinely adding 5,000 or more to tips? Did I miss somethin...

The Velvet Turtle

by Mark Clinne 21 years ago

Is just one fine eatary! My name is Mark I am an ex- change student from Norway, some thing I can not see is how any one can discuss food with such a worth- less corupt presedent named clinton, thi...


by G from Jersey 21 years ago

Does anyone know what happened to Tullio's on West 22nd St?


by John Knoesel 21 years ago

All the best to my fellow chowhounds on this great day! I can't beleive this is our 2nd Thanksgiving together! Best Regards, JK


by G from Jersey 21 years ago

Has anyone been to Lola's on 21st St. lately? Haven't been there in a while...wondering how it is...

Ponzu or yuzu

by Pat Hammond 21 years ago

Has anyone seen fresh Yuzu in their meanderings? I believe it's a Japanese lime. I'd be happy to have some of the bottled juice, if it's available. Also how about Ponzu sauce? My kids are com...

pizza class

by sharon 21 years ago

For all of you pizza-hounds out there---last night, we went to a pizza-making class given by Michele and Charles Scicolone. They're out promoting their new book, "Pizza, Any Way You Slice It." If...

Trip Report

by David Russinoff 21 years ago

I happened to discover this web site last week while preparing for my annual weekend pilgrimmage to New York, a tradition established twenty years ago when I left the city for parts unknown. My or...


by Elliot Brown 21 years ago

Can anyone suggest a particular interesting orchard or farm for pumpkins within an hour of New York City? Bishops, near New Haven, is great, but a bit too far for a morning or afternoon trip. ...

where to go?

by sharon 21 years ago

In a couple of weeks, my parents are taking the kids and my husband and I are going away for the weekend, alone together for the first time in 5 years. (!) But we can't figure out where to go. A...

Soup Nazi Kitchen

by Cheryl Allen 21 years ago

A friend wants me to locate the address for the "Soup Nazi Kitchen" from the Seinfeld TV show. Can anyone help me with the address?

re: Bagels must be small, dense, chewy, dark, and blistery

by George Greenstein 21 years ago

Hey Jim, A message from "The Jewish Baker" Blistery? When unbaked bagels are left over in the bakery they are stored under refrigeration. Often, bagel bakeries prepare extra bagels to be bake...


by Jake Klisivitch 21 years ago

I'm in the market for some new pots and pans, especially an oven-proof skillet. Any suggestions?

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