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new cafe

by Kelli Weiss 19 years ago

Can you reccommend a good source for muffins and bagels for a small brooklyn cafe?


fd commented 19 years ago

End of the World

by robert sietsema 19 years ago

I saw a roach climbing up the wall in the bread department of Balducci's today. The countergal finessed it, but we bo...


Erika commented 19 years ago

need the help of all chowhounds

by rachelhope 19 years ago

Yesterday I received the disturbing new that I have high cholesterol! especially disturbing because I am only 23, a...


Ron P. commented 19 years ago

chocolate & cholesterol

by Jim Dixon 19 years ago

I mentioned that dark chocolate is relatively benign, cardiovascularly speaking, in the cholesterol thread (see Re...


Ron Poserina commented 19 years ago

Now David Rosengarten is leaving Gourmet!

by Gourmet Guy 19 years ago

My spies have notified me that, with Ruth Reichl coming to GOURMET as the new editor-in-chief, restaurant reviewer ...


Dave Feldman commented 19 years ago

Five Years Probation for David Ruggierio

by christina z 19 years ago

He also has to pay a fine and do community service for cooking the books at his restaurant to the tune of $140K. The...


jg commented 19 years ago

Chefs Criticize 'Americanized' Food

by Frank Language 19 years ago

I'm trying to find this article on Yahoo News; I weould post it (it was a repost), but in deference to our fearless...


Scott Bowling commented 19 years ago

Chinese Dumplings in Manhattan

by Edmundo Claro 19 years ago

I've enjoyed the best Chinese dumplings in restaurants that by some misterious reason have ended up closing. Any su...


steve commented 19 years ago


by E. Kahaner 19 years ago

Congrats Jim on the write up in the Times yesterday. It was fun discovering it while reading in the car en route to...


pat hammond commented 19 years ago

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Chowhounds in the book, Dining Out

by Dave Feldman 19 years ago

I finally got my sweaty hands on the book, DINING OUT: Secrets from America's Leading Critics, Chefs, and Restaura...

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by Jeremy Osner 19 years ago

I noticed you upgraded the Hot Posts window this weekend, to remember its last screen position. Thanks, it had been...

Ruth Reichl article

by Ellen 19 years ago

For an British perspective on Ruth Reichl's departure from the New York Times I thought some of you might be intere...


Dave Feldman commented 19 years ago


by JOHN 19 years ago

Can anyone please help me? I am traveling to New yory in the near future and would really like to find a good reatau...


Elliot Brown commented 19 years ago

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Chinese vs. Italian Noodles

by Grace Toy 19 years ago

Hi, I'm entering a trivia contest (deadline Feb. 29th), and I need to know the difference between Chinese and Italian...

Catering small party

by glenn 19 years ago

I'm having a small party for about 25 which I'd like to cater with hors d'oeuvres.. something a little different an...


jonathan gold commented 19 years ago

Passover rolls

by Mindy Heiferling 19 years ago

I'm doing an article on Passover rolls, or what my grandmother called "bilkalach" (I'm told that that was just her wo...


Jill Black commented 19 years ago

Perry Bistro

by Barry Strugatz 19 years ago

Someone told me that this place on Perry and Hudson was good. Has anyone tried it?


JG commented 19 years ago

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DiPalma Bread

by Barry Strugatz 19 years ago

By chance was walking on Spring near Mulberry and went into DiPalma Bread store (think they are outlet of a Jersey ...

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Very very interesting

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

For those of you who don't check out the "Elsewhere in America" board, there's a way-interesting thread going on over...

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Attn.: Ruth Reichl-Simple Things-Homely Truths-Sugar Bowal

by V. Petruzza 19 years ago

Dear Ruth: Hope this message gets to you. I read your article, Simple Things, Homely Truths, about the sugar bowl...

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