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by Dena 18 years ago

I'm taking "La Technique" at the French Culinary Institute and my chef-instructor told us about a bacteria that I've ...


Neil Anderson commented 18 years ago

Chopped Liver?

by Anthony Bourdain 18 years ago

Recently, there was a spirited--even bitter debate in the pages of the New York Observer and New York Magazine betwee...


Dave Feldman commented 18 years ago

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Ethiopian/Eritrean Cookbooks

by Jim Dorsch 18 years ago

Several months ago a couple of people asked about recipes for Ethiopian dishes. Now, as I make my triumphant return t...


by Barry Strugatz 20 years ago

This weekend I was driving on Rt. 303 in Rockland County and saw 2 Mongolian restaurants. Can anyone tell me about t...


Nat commented 19 years ago

JacquƩs Pepin

by Susan Teitz 19 years ago

Jacques Pepin will be speaking at Columbia University, Miller Theater, on Thursday, Oct. 7th (I work at C.U., but thi...


Barb H. commented 19 years ago

Le Bernardin "Chef's" Tasting

by Anthony Bourdain 19 years ago

Took my sous-chef, pastry chef and friends to Le Bernardin Monday and had the full-bore "Chef's" tasting. Pretty damn...


alan lake commented 19 years ago

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wholesale bread

by glenn 19 years ago

Our ** restaurant is shopping around for a new bread vendor. There used to be a guy in Jersey City that owned Unibak...

La Gauloise

by Dena 19 years ago

There was a wonderful little French restaurant, La Gauloise, on 6th Avenue & 13th Street. It closed a few years ba...


Dena commented 19 years ago

Yet More Korean Stuff

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

Aleece Yim just emailed me from Korea, and has granted permission for me to reprint her great message here. Take it a...


Gary Cheong commented 19 years ago

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Good Golly Miss Molly

by Berndt Tost 19 years ago

We can all relax now--Molly O'Neill is starting her own website, which must come as a relief to the three or four peo...

Alice Waters alert

by gourmet guy 19 years ago

I chanced upon Alice Waters at the Union Square Greenmarket this morning, where she was signing her new and magical...


Anthony Bourdain commented 19 years ago

New Year's Eve Picnic/What to eat on January 31st?

by christina z 19 years ago

Okay, call me crazy but I'm going to Times Square on New Year's Eve. My friend has a shop in the vicinity so we'll p...


Martha Gehan commented 19 years ago

Jim on the Radio

by christina z 19 years ago

I only caught the last five minutes -- is there any chance the show will be repeated? I'm so upset to have missed it...


Jim Leff commented 19 years ago


by The Lead Dogs 19 years ago

Welcome to Chowhound Starship Mellencamp. Bob(TM) has added features that will make these boards much more convenie...


Jim Leff commented 19 years ago

New issue of Gourmet Magazine

by Chris B. Shaw 19 years ago

Does any one know when the next edition of Gourmet Magazine comes out? There is supposed to be an article about New...


gourmet guy commented 19 years ago

Food Network Recipes

by Rachel Perlow 19 years ago

A disussion in a thread on Tiramisu inspired me to email TVFN to ask them to archive their recipes. I doubt my sin...


christina z commented 19 years ago

you say corvino, i say corvina

by Sharon A 19 years ago

Is anyone familiar with a fish called corvino? Arthur Schwartz describes it as "large flake white fish like halibut...


christina z commented 19 years ago


by r.l. johnson 19 years ago

just wondering what everyone thinks about the slow food movement? -r.l.


Allan Evans commented 19 years ago

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Julia Child/Jacques Pepin

by gourmetguy 19 years ago

Now that their new Knopf book (JULIA & JACQUES COOKING AT HOME) is starting to arrive in stores (I just bought my c...

Chain restaurants

by Tom G. 19 years ago

You're not going to believe this, but somebody has actually come out with a book that lists where chain restaurants...


Rachel Perlow commented 19 years ago

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