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Pointing the Finger at Finger Foods

Caesar salads, sushi-- where do you draw the line on what's polite to eat with your fingers? READ MORE

Do Let Them Eat Cake

What-- and how-- to feed the homeless. READ MORE

Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. McPerfect

How to deal with tense dinner party hosts. READ MORE

Outing Ecoslackers

How do you change people's recycling habits? READ MORE

The Right Way to Eat Noodles

Noodle-eating etiquette according to ethnic tradition. READ MORE

Are You Coming or Not?

Why people don't RSVP anymore, and why they should. READ MORE

Party of One

The dos and don'ts of dining solo. READ MORE

But I Only Drank Water!

If you don't order as much, do you have to split the bill? READ MORE

Leftovers: The Career Killer

Does bringing your lunch to work hurt your chances for success? READ MORE

Ungrateful Wretch

What's the proper way to thank somebody for a home-cooked meal? READ MORE