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Your Sassafras Has Been Neutered

Sassafras contains safrole, a believed carcinogen -- so it's unlikely that you'll find any in your root beer. READ MORE

They’re Just Like Us!

Can you get any room service you desire? Well, if you’re Jay-Z and you want red M&Ms (and only red M&Ms), the answer is an emphatic “yes!” READ MORE

Art of the Shock-tail

Bacon-infused vodka martinis, rum and steak sauce -- has it really come to this? READ MORE

In Forbes, Veritas

Forbes has posted a clever online slide show about how to order wine for a business dinner. READ MORE

Wrong on So Many Levels

At Six Flags theme parks next month, you can eat a bug to jump to the head of any line. READ MORE

Got Goiter?

Americans are eating more fancy salt-- like kosher salt, sea salt, and fleur de sel -- that don't contain iodine, and less table salt, like Morton's, which is typically fortified with iodine. READ MORE

Snack Attack at 20,000 Feet

Now you don’t have to wait until the plane lands at the airport to satisfy your craving for overpriced junk food —you can buy it right on the flight. READ MORE

How to Make a Pastry Chef Happy

Make a reservation at a swank restaurant but not for dinner—for dessert only. No special occasion, you just want to come in for dessert. Then sit back and let the pastry chef work his magic. READ MORE

El Artesano: Cubano Mastery in Union City, NJ

The Cuban sandwich at El Artesano has it all: Bolo ham, a generous slice of pork shoulder, silky Swiss cheese, and a razor-thin slice of pickle, all tucked into fresh-baked Cuban-style bread that’s “pressed with love so it’s almost all an ethereal, light, READ MORE

Taxi Brousse

Did you know there’s awesome Senegalese food in Albany? Did you know there was any Senegalese food in Albany? Well there is, at Taxi Brousse. It’s worth stopping in for beautifully spiced, tender, bone-suckingly-good lamb dibi, or sweet-onion-and-mustard- READ MORE