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French Bistro and Bakery Classics Without the ‘Tude

Taste of France stays true to the spirit of the humble neighborhood French eatery, with a menu that’s mostly simple sandwiches plus quiche, crepes, and a few soups. READ MORE

Perfect for Winter Chill: Japanese Hot Pot

You can get oden, Japan’s contribution to the hot pot canon, every day at Kushiyaki Dan – it’s hard to find in L.A.–says charliep. READ MORE

Cooking Under Pressure

Pressure cookers are great for making short work of stews, but they’re good for so much more; cheryl_h uses hers to cook beans in record time, and howie makes soups, roasts, brisket, osso buco, steel cut oatmeal, and dulce de leche in his. READ MORE

Carrot Halwa – a South Indian Mom’s Recipe

sweetTooth explains that gajar ka halva, the Indian pudding called carrot halwa in English, can differ drastically depending on where in India you are. READ MORE

What’s Super-Long Spaghetti For?

The answer to this puzzle is mostly that there is no answer to this puzzle. READ MORE

A Guide to Juicing Citruses, and a Hot Lead on Honey Bells

Veggo says that the most delicious, sweetest, juiciest citrus product he can buy in Florida is the honey bell. READ MORE

You Say Potato, I Say GMO

Coming to a deep fryer near you: “gene-silenced” spuds for your french fries. READ MORE

“Top Chef”: Coming Back for Thirds

Amid critical and rating success, Bravo renews Top Chef for a third season. READ MORE

Gone Crabbin’

CHOW spends a seasick day on a crab boat south of San Francisco. READ MORE

The Mellow Yellow Cure

This month’s hot health ingredient: turmeric. READ MORE