Short Order, Chef Nancy Silverton’s new fancy-burger joint, has opened in the Fairfax Farmers Market, and early reports are promising.

There are around nine burger options. DarinDines started with the Short Order Burger—grass-fed beef, Morbier cheese, griddled mushrooms, and mustardy mayo. “The first thing I noticed here was the beef,” DarinDines says. “A thick patty was cooked medium-rare, pink/red throughout. Looked like the cross-section of a perfectly grilled steak. Clearly the restaurant wanted to showcase this meat and it didn’t disappoint—beefy and juicy, delicious.” The mushrooms make it earthy; the bun is appropriately soft, warm, and yielding. Overall, it’s “a well-constructed and tasty burger,” DarinDines says.

The lamb burger doesn’t measure up to the Short Order, but it still achieves a nice balance of flavors, DarinDines says, because the slightly gamy lamb is complemented by rich feta cheese.

The Short Order Spuds are also “really good,” says cdub. “It’s a baked potato that’s cut into pieces and fried so that you get wedges with a crunchy exterior and a soft center.” You can get them with a dipping sauce or with truffle sauce, but they are delicious all on their own, says DarinDines.

Short Order [Fairfax Village]
6333 W. Third Street, Stall #110, Los Angeles

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SHORT ORDER opens Nov 18 at Farmers Market.

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