One savvy concierge tipped off a tourist to Seven Hills, a pasta spot in Russian Hill that hasn’t been the focus of much discussion on the board. But anyone who has played concierge roulette knows that these kinds of recommendations can be a gamble, so tango325, the tourist in question, asked the board if the restaurant is as good as was promised.

“One regular thought it was excellent,” wolfe responded. “Please report back.”

And according to tango325, Seven Hills made the grade: “Outstanding. Both the mushroom ravioli and the wild butterfish were excellent. The burrata cheese appetizer too was memorable.”

PulledPork even compares it favorably to Quince, Perbacco, and other better-known Italian spots. “Some of the best pasta in San Francisco,” PulledPork says.

Going farther afield for a comparison, ladybugthepug compares Seven Hills to Vetri, a beloved Italian restaurant in Philadelphia. “If you sat me down at a table in Philly and put that Ravioli Uovo from Seven Hills in front of me, I would have thought Marc Vetri himself had made it. That dish right there is worth the price of admission.”

Seven Hills [Russian Hill]
1550 Hyde Street, San Francisco

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