The deadliest food-related scourge you have probably never heard of? New Zealanders (or, as they prefer to be known, “Hobbits”) drinking too much, heading back to their comfortable semisubterranean dwellings, attempting to cook delectable, complicated multicourse meals, and then passing out. The result: potentially deadly fires and a whole lot of un-Kiwi-like drama and fuss. (See also: drunk cooking by Brits.)

The brilliant way to combat this scourge? Not a Breathalyzer on the stove (which, come to think of it, might be the solution for repeat offenders), but a sticker on the urinal.

Via the always entertaining copyranter: “… when you wee on the sticker, the heat sensitive ink disappears, revealing a plea to get food before you go home.”

Question for New Zealand that I do not actually wish to have answered: While men are notoriously prone to peeing on things and thereby gaining knowledge, is there a campaign down the road that will target ladies? Or is it only blokes who drink and fry?

Image source: New Zealand Fire Service/Facebook

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