Easy Chicken Gravy recipe
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Even if you have perfectly moist turkey and creamy mashed potatoes, you’re going to want good gravy to pour over all of it this Thanksgiving. But what if something went awry and you have lumpy gravy? Here are some easy ways to fix a botched batch.

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Option 1: Use an Immersion Blender

The easiest, quickest fix for lumpy gravy is to break out your immersion blender and puree it smooth.

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Option 2: Use a Regular Blender

If you only have a regular blender, that also works. Pour the gravy in and blitz it until silky.

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Option 3: Use a Fine Mesh Sieve

No blender? A fine mesh sieve or strainer will also work. Place it over your gravy boat (or a bowl with a wider opening) and pour the gravy through to filter out the lumps.

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Option 4: Use a Whisk

If you don’t have any of the above equipment, break out your whisk and put your wrist into it.

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Bonus Tip: Make Gravy Ahead of Time

We strongly advocate for making a batch of gravy ahead of time because you can never have too much. Plus, knowing that it’s already done takes some of the pressure off when you’re making your fresh gravy from the pan drippings. See our Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy recipe.

And regardless of when you’re making gravy, be sure to whisk thoroughly to prevent lumps from forming in the first place.

how to avoid lumpy gravy


Add the liquid to the flour-fat mixture a little bit at a time to start, whisking well all the while, so you can be sure it’s fully incorporated before adding the rest of the stock (and/or cream).

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