Where can one find a variety of great dumplings for an office party? That’s what yellohbella wanted to know.

San Francisco’s Kingdom of Dumpling in the Outer Sunset has its faithful followers. “Same idea as 99 Ranch frozen but you can see them make them and they taste similar to what their restaurant sells,” says ML8000 of the storefront that also supplies dumplings to the restaurant of the same name.

For catered Chinese jiaozi, mdg recommends Sunnyvale’s Tsingtao Taste, and the fish dumplings in particular. Café Yulong in Mountain View gets a vote from anyhow, who praises the friendly staff and the array of available dumplings, from steamed shrimp to pan-fried pot stickers.

yellohbella decided to go with Tsingtao Taste, and wasn’t disappointed. “They were awesome!” says yellohbella. “Prices were totally reasonable” for the four varieties they ordered: vegetable, fish, pork and shrimp, and pork and napa cabbage.

Kingdom of Dumpling [Outer Sunset]
1426 Noriega Street, San Francisco

Tsingtao Taste [South Bay]
1255 S. Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale

Café Yulong [Peninsula]
743 W. Dana Street, Mountain View

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