Could Mexico be torn apart by avocados? More accurately (since, on their own, avocados tend to be quite docile), could Mexico be torn apart as a result of an avocado shortage?

Skyrocketing prices for the country’s staple fruit may have been exacerbated by drug cartel–sponsored extortion and/or Yankee madness for guacamole, according to a BBC report. Prices have recently reached $5 to $6 a kilo, and as high as $8 in some places.

“You don’t want to mess with Mexicans and their food,” notes the story’s author.

“Back in 2007, the rising price of tortillas — the flat-corn bread that is a key source of calories for the poor — sparked a series of protests around the country known as the ‘tortilla wars.’ So, with prices through the roof, was I about to witness an avocado war?”

As it turns out, no. The story’s happy ending is a bit of a dramatic letdown. The price has dropped back to $3 a kilo, and whatever problems Mexico is facing, looming avocado riots don’t appear to be among them. Though disturbingly, the story does reveal the filthy anatomical origins of the fruit’s name. Hint: Men typically have two of them.

Image source: Flickr member cyclonebill under Creative Commons

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