Now that Chowhounds have had some more time to stew over Son of a Gun, they have some considered recommendations for you.

Salmon collars are “outrageously delicious,” says Ciao Bob. Agrees cerealdan, the salmon collars are the real highlight.

Over and over again, Chowhounds recommend Son of a Gun’s fried chicken sandwich, and the shrimp toast. If he had to pick just one of those, Ciao Bob would choose “the shrimp toast because it is smaller and I could order more.”

Other recommendations: lobster roll, fish in pho broth, peel-and-eat shrimp, and the poke. And they’ve had amazing Slovenian white wine in the past, says bad nono.

For dessert, many recommend the frozen lime yogurt dessert. It’s a light and refreshing finish, says andytseng. If you want something heavier, go for the chocolate banana dessert.

Son of a Gun [West Hollywood]
8370 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

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