Shiso, also known as perilla, is an herb with flavor notes of basil, mint, and anise. It is used in Japanese and Korean cooking, but is also good in a variety of dishes, say hounds. There are both green- and red-leafed varieties.

tastesgoodwhatisit is a fan of a pasta dish her husband makes by sautéing garlic in olive oil until it starts to brown and tossing it with a chunky pasta shape and shredded shiso; finish with sea salt and lemon juice. “You can also use it in place of mint in a mojito (shisojito?) with surprisingly good effect,” she says.

karykat has infused white wine vinegar with shiso. “The red stuff made the most gorgeous magenta pink vinegar. We gave these for gifts,” she says. She also suggests steeping shiso in simple syrup and pouring it over fruit for dessert.

“It tastes really good when chopped and mixed with salads,” says amietron, and kizil uses it to wrap fish before steaming. soypower thinks it’s a great addition to Korean barbecue or any other foods wrapped in lettuce with herbs, and also throws it into pajeon, savory Korean pancakes. Others add it to fried rice, use it in summer rolls, or in tempura.

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