Could there be a nonpork substitute for tasty, versatile cured pork? nvcook likes duck prosciutto: “There is an Italian restaurant called La Strada in the Eldorado Hotel Casino in Reno, NV. They serve a fairly pricey appetizer that we ordered once that included duck prosciutto – It was absolutely wonderful! This from someone that is not a big duck fan.”

“I am a confirmed lover of the stuff,” says jumpingmonk. “It does taste eerily like proscuitto, with the added bonus that pretty much all of the fat is on one side so you can (if you feel so inclined) peel the fat off and eat just the meat part. D’Artagnan makes it (in both pre-sliced packs and unsliced hunks). One warning though it is easily as expensive as top-flight prosciutto, if not more so.”

“I’ve had it as part of a charcuterie before,” says LeoLioness. “It’s not my favorite because it tastes less salty to me than pork, and with that amount of fat I like a counterbalance of salt.”

Discuss: Has anyone eaten duck prosciutto?

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