Easily confused with the also-new-and-good Sushi, K-Zo actually specializes in, let’s say, sushi japonaise–a kind of Japanese-French fusion. It works, say WBGuy and zivagolee. Small bites are creative, like seared white fish on top of pureed taro, layered with fried gobo; or ankimo mousse on endive leaf; or beet salad with goat cheese. Also impressive: red snapper carpaccio drizzled with yuzu dressing, and grilled sea bass. Sashimi is very, very fresh, although nigiri sushi is good but not mindblowing.

At lunch, it’s possible to do omakase for around $40–ask the chef. Combination lunches are in the $15 range, and small plate appetizers are mostly in the $7-9 range.


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