Kitchen 388, a new café in the Grand Lake area of Oakland, scores high marks with abstractpoet for its Four Barrel coffee, airy space, and reasonably priced breakfast options.

While the coffee beans aren’t prepped with any kind of third-wave wizardry—no pour-over station or Japanese mad scientist set-up à la Blue Bottle’s Mint Plaza location—our reporter says that “the Four Barrel brew they’re serving is by far the best coffee I’ve had in the Lake Merritt area.” And that cup, which comes with a free refill if you’re dining in, is only $3—quite the bargain these days.

Naturally, we’ve been saving the best for last. Top marks go to the house-made Pop-Tart, in pecan and strawberry-rhubarb flavors the day abstractpoet visited. Another bargain at only $2, its fresh fruit interior was not too sweet and was encased in a flaky, buttery pocket.

Kitchen 388 [East Bay]
388 Grand Avenue, Oakland

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