Negative posts have been accumulating over the last year about the rapid and puzzling decline in quality at the previously reliable Empress Pavilion. Chandavkl passes on the word on the street in Chinatown: Apparently two chefs have left Empress for the kitchen at the Universal City Hilton, and a third has gone to the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. Which leaves the Chinatown scene looking grim, but maybe this will give the Chinese seafood-centric buffet at Universal City Hilton the edge over its San Gabriel Hilton competition.

Empress Pavilion [Chinatown]
988 N. Hill St. # 201, Los Angeles

Universal City Hilton & Towers [East San Fernando Valley]
555 Universal Hollywood Dr., Universal City

San Gabriel Hilton Hotel [San Gabriel Valley]
209 W. Valley Blvd., San Gabriel

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Explanation For Sudden Deterioration In Quality At Empress Pavilion

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