At the Golden Orb in San Rafael, the family of a beloved piroshki maker is using her recipe to make delicious piroshki in five flavors: beef spiked with dill and chopped egg, Italian sausage with mushrooms and peppers, chicken pot pie, spinach Parmesan, and cabbage vermicelli, says Cynsa.

The piroshki progenitor is Caroline, of the now-closed Moosetta’s Russian Piroshki in Sonoma. (“Moosetta’s had the only piroshki that I considered even close to the quality of the long-closed House of Piroshki in SF,” says Mick Ruthven.) Caroline’s son, his daughter, and the daughter’s fiancé are collaborating on Golden Orb; it’s a real family business.

Golden Orb [Marin County]
811 Fourth Street, San Rafael

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