Coffee Tomo is a brand-new coffeehouse. First: They fresh-roast small batches of coffee in-house, says jadekarrde. “The pour over was excellent, better than Intelligentsia,” says jadekarrde. “Overall I’d grade the coffee a phenomenal A-, only topped by the Westside Funnel Mill.”

As for their pretzels: “DAMN!” says jadekarrde. “I got the red bean and cheese one, this is a horseshoe shaped pretzel, with some decorative knots tied on it. It was fresh (took about ten minutes) and steaming hot when served to me. Stuffed inside the pretzel was a combination of red bean and mozzarella cheese. The combination is an odd one, but to me (a lover of red bean filled pastry) very delicious.”

Coffee Tomo [Sawtelle Strip]
11309 Mississippi Avenue, Los Angeles

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