Are you hungry? Because if you are, you will want to avoid clicking on this photo of the new grilled pastrami sandwich at Speed’s. I warned you. Look at that glistening grease. According to BostonZest it is “delicious, warm, melting with crispy bacon-like edges” and was wonderful with barbecue sauce and mustard, as Chef Greg recommends.

More Speed’s news: Chef Greg is planning on staying open through the winter and is eying a location in the South End, a bit more accessible for most than the rather dodgy Newmarket Square location. Of course, one thing a new location wouldn’t boast: proximity to Lord Jeff’s Beef Place, right up the street from where Speed’s parks now. The place caters to an African American and Caribbean crowd, and is a wonderland of delicious meats (particularly smoked and cured) and Southern specialty products. Its main business is wholesale, but it’s open to the public. When you’re looking for hocks or chicken gizzards, this is the place to go.

Speed’s Hotdog Wagon [Newmarket Square]
54 Newmarket Square, Boston

Lord Jeff’s Beef Place [Newmarket Square]
129 Newmarket Square, Boston

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