We can thoroughly relate to this query about a roomy restaurant from out-of-towner LeMaya. Anyone who’s enjoyed an extra ice cream cone this spring can relate to the stress of having to squeeze around a table from a banquette without knocking over a neighboring table’s water glasses. Note to management: If you have to pull out a two-top for someone to get on the other side of it, the tables are probably too close together!

LeMaya seeks an “intimate corner” or “quiet booth,” and is staying in SoHo. She’s up for any style, and any price point, in any neighborhood other than Midtown. Suggestions so far include Corton (whose chef, Paul Liebrandt, gets press in a documentary airing tonight), New Leaf, Lincoln, One If by Land, Two If by Sea, and Annisa. Any others? Do chime in.

Corton [Tribeca]
239 W. Broadway, Manhattan

New Leaf [Washington Heights]
1 Margaret Corbin Drive, Manhattan

Lincoln [Upper West Side]
142 W. 65th Street, Manhattan

One If by Land, Two If by Sea [Greenwich Village]
17 Barrow Street, Manhattan

Annisa [Greenwich Village]
13 Barrow Street, Manhattan

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