Senegalese food has touches of French, African, Portuguese, and Vietnamese cuisine to it, as the menu at Teranga demonstrates. Take the nems for example, which are much like Vietnamese imperial rolls, or the maafe, a lamb, peanut, and rice stew that has a distinctly African feel and is “delicious without being weird,” says kayowinter.

“I’d say this was the best Senegalese food I’ve ever had but that wouldn’t mean much since it’s the only Senegalese food I’ve ever had,” says 9lives. “It won’t be my last.”

For her part, kayowinter was cock-a-hoop over the decidedly non-average salad “ordinaire,” which mixed spring lettuce with white and sweet potatoes and beets in a light, garlicky dressing. Her husband loved the lamb chops, which were “tender and garlicky with a lot of that delicious char taste from the grill.”

Senegalese cuisine is known for its ultra-fresh juices; hounds generally like the ginger drink, but say that the bissap juice (a purple mix of sorrel or hibiscus juice, pineapple, orange flower water, and vanilla sugar) is an acquired taste.

Teranga [South End]
1746 Washington Street, Boston

Board Link: Teranga/ Senegalese South End

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