A sugary soda familiar to Texans but exotic to the rest of us is Big Red, which Honeychan describes as tasting like bubble gum and cotton candy. “I pity the soul who must live without Big Red,” says slewfoot. “We even have Big Red Slurpees at 7-Eleven here.”

The company also makes Big Peach, Big Punch, Big Honey Lemonade, and Big Red Vanilla Float, though most of those are sold in very limited markets. Big Red Vanilla Float is fantastic, says slewfoot. Cheflambo thinks that “the reason stuff like Big Red and Dr. Pepper comes from Waco is because the city is a hotbed of Baptist temperance—without alcohol, their vice of choice is sugar.” Cheflambo still remembers the sugar buzz from his first taste of Big Red, “and yes, for those of you who’ve never had it, it tastes just like liquid bubble gum.” Like strawberry bubble gum, to be specific, says slewfoot.

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