New England seems like a funny place to go looking for tiki culture, but oishisoo has a yen for cocktails with a spear of pineapple in them. Where can one go locally to soak up some of that tiki kitsch?

There’s Tiki Lagoon, one of the dining rooms at Kowloon Restaurant. But, as bobot puts it succinctly, “The food/drinks at Kowloon suck.” Tiki Island in Medford has “cheesy murals and masks on the walls, stiff drinks in goofy mugs and better food than Kowloon,” says masterson.

Another idea is to head to prime local booze pushers Drink and Eastern Standard, where the bartenders are “reviving the authentic tiki mixology of Donn the Beachcomber and his heirs, which is not at all trivial,” says MC Slim JB. “It requires a lot of house-made infused syrups, fresh juices (fresh pineapple juice makes a huge difference), and a lot of rather obscure spirits and NA ingredients (pimiento dram, a battery of unusual rums, Cherry Heering, Velvet Falernum, etc.).”

Sunday afternoons at Drink are dedicated to tiki, with weekly parties starting in the afternoon, and Eastern Standard has periodic tiki parties with “authentic Polynesian food and amazing tiki cocktails,” according to MC Slim JB. But you can order tiki drinks any old time.

Kowloon Restaurant [North Shore]
948 Broadway Street, Saugus

Tiki Island [North of Boston]
269 Middlesex Avenue, Medford

Drink [Fort Point]
348 Congress Street, Boston

Eastern Standard [Fenway]
528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

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