Hayat’s Kitchen is a wonderful Lebanese restaurant tucked into the corner of strip mall, says LisaN. “It’s a small restaurant with a small kitchen, but what they turn out is anything but.” Their food is completely delicious, says LisaN. Lahm meshwi, skewers of lamb fillet with peppers and tomatoes, and shish tawook, chicken breast skewers, are wonderful, with nicely marinated, tender pieces of meat. The rice pilaf is excellent, too. It reminds LisaN of the homemade pilaf her Armenian aunt serves.

It’s a homey kind of place. You order at the counter; they bring it to your table.

“It’s absolutely home cooking,” says streetgourmetla. Their grilling is top notch, and their kibbe nayeh (raw beef) and foul mudammas (fava and garbanzo beans) are both killer. “Have to say that I find myself here more often than Skaf’s,” says streetgourmetla. “Sacrilege? Well. Give it a try.”

Hayat’s Kitchen [San Fernando Valley–East]
11009 Burbank Boulevard, Suite 117, North Hollywood

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