It’s a trendy ingredient in restaurants and a controversial one on the boards, but those who have used tobacco in their cooking were pleased with the results. Tobacco imparts earthy, slightly smoky flavors, and “a subtle bitter heat not unlike what a muted horseradish powder (without the nasal afterburn) might taste like,” says ipsedixit. Pipe tobacco is the most pleasant to use, say hounds.

Especially successful have been ice creams made with tobacco-infused cream. Several hounds enjoyed this cigar and bourbon ice cream with figs. “I found the smokiness actually went well with the creaminess, and the figs and bourbon were a great addition,” says bushwickgirl. And ipsedixit calls coffee-tobacco ice cream “just outstanding.” He also recommends Chinese-style smoked chicken using pipe tobacco for the smoking in place of tea. “It was a cherry-infused tobacco. Good stuff, at least for cooking,” he says.

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Cigar and Bourbon Ice Cream….

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