The menu at Hong’s Szechuan mostly “reads like an Americanized takeout menu,” and the clientele seems largely non-Asian, Melanie Wong says. But up in the window is a handwritten, bilingual sign pointing out the house specialty: water dumplings, or shui jiao.

Made fresh to order, with a filling of ground pork, shrimp, and garlicky Chinese chives, the dumplings are indeed great, Melanie says. “The handmade tender wrappers are just a bit thinner at the seam with the edges tapering off, the sign of a master craftsman, and have just enough chew to satisfy.”

An order of 12 costs $5.95. The waitress also recommends the whiteboard specials.

Hong’s Szechuan [Sunset]
3044 Taraval Street, San Francisco

Board Link: Excellent Shui Jiao (water dumplings) at Hong’s Szechuan in SF

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