Dan Mitchell of Slate plays an (astute) meta-media critic, going after writer Mya Frazier of Brandchannel.com for soggy reasoning in her critique of the new film Food, Inc. and the concept of “farmwashing.” The four-way interchange between industrial food makers, Food Inc., Brandchannel.com, and Mitchell makes for some good thought-provoking reading:

“The pendulum is swinging toward transparency,” argues Frazier, “and away from what’s always been advertising’s stock and trade: forged imagery and obfuscation.”

“She presents no evidence of this swinging pendulum,” replies Mitchell. “Surely, as she notes, more people are becoming more interested in where their food comes from and how it is made. But big food companies have shown little interest in helping them find out. Almost none of the companies featured in Food, Inc. agreed to talk to filmmaker [Robert] Kenner, despite his track record as a serious documentarian and not a producer of ‘screeds.’”

Image source: Flickr member Nicholas_T under Creative Commons

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