The harvesting of ramps has come under some controversy on Chowhound, but for hounds living in areas where they grow, the wild leeks are a yearned-for marker of spring.

“This is a very good, easy recipe that I make a few times a season,” erica says of Mario Batali’s spaghetti with ramps. “I love ramp risotto, as the flavor really gets into the rice,” says magiesmom. ttoommyy stirred ramps sautéd in olive oil into risotto just before taking it off the burner. “The garlicky-onion taste was just enough to know they were there but was not overpowering,” she says. “Delicious.”

JonParker combines ramps with fellow early-spring delicacies young asparagus and fresh morels in a simple sauté. THewat loves “these pickled ramps as part of a pub lunch. I knock the sugar down to 1/4 cup when I make them.” CHOW has David Chang’s Pickled Ramps recipe, though THewat thinks these are too sweet. danna likes a mustard-based vinaigrette with ramps instead of shallots, plus the addition of honey.

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