In the wake of the president’s beer summit with Professor Henry Louis Gates and Sergeant James Crowley, much is being made of the brew choices involved. A short but thoughtful Wall Street Journal article uses the occasion as an opportunity to reflect on the drinking habits of past presidents, and does its best to explain the rationale behind Obama’s mind-blowingly bad choice of Belgian-owned Bud Light:

“When Mr. Obama reached for his econo-brew, he was nodding not only to the everyman choice, but also to the modern requirement that a president drink domestic. (Never mind that Bud is now owned by a Belgian conglomerate, it is still brewed in the U.S. of A. and has all the red, white and blue bona fides necessary for admittance to the White House.)”

To which some might reply: “Seriously, Mr. President? What’s wrong with Sam Adams?”

The piece does give Obama credit for at least giving the stuff a bit of a spotlight, in contrast to some of his predecessors. The worst offender, of course: Woodrow Wilson, who actually signed a law shutting down the nation’s breweries.

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