Williamsburg’s Old Poland bakery fired up a steam table a year or so ago, and it’s since become a great option for hearty, cheap Polish takeout, says Silverjay. For $3.50 a pound, you get a choice of entrees, salads, vegetable sides, and usually a couple of soups–plus freshly made breads, pastries, and cakes. Some standouts: meatloaf, bigos (pork and sauerkraut stew), and tender, succulent pork ribs. Recent soups have included dill and tomato-vegetable, both solid. “The clientele seems to be mostly local Poles, laborers, and some of the shop workers on Bedford,” observes silverjay. “I’ve hardly seen a hipster in the place.”

This is the sister shop of a larger, more restaurant-like place in Greenpoint, notes David Sprague, a fan of its borscht, meat jelly, and pierogi, among other things.

Around the corner from Old Poland, another Williamsburg option is Kasia’s, which dishes up tripe soup, borscht, pierogi, and other sturdy Polish fare, says Mike R..

Old Poland Foods [Williamsburg]
149 N. 8th St., between Bedford Ave. and Berry St., Brooklyn

Old Poland Bakery and Restaurant [Greenpoint]
a.k.a. Staropolska Bakery
190 Nassau Ave., at Humboldt St., Brooklyn

Kasia’s Restaurant [Williamsburg]
146 Bedford Ave., between N. 9th and 8th Sts., Brooklyn

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