The opening of Ignazio’s Pizza in DUMBO marks a homecoming of sorts, as chef-owner Louis Termini is a Brooklyn guy who made his name in Hartford, Connecticut, at Luna Pizza. Fans of his Sicilian pie wonder what took him so long to come back. lambretta76 was blown away by this pizza, which is assembled “grandma” style (or upside down, with fresh mozzarella under plum tomato sauce), and judges it far better than comparable pies at Pipitone or House of Pizza and Calzone.

Others enjoy the white pie (fresh mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, parsley, garlic, oregano) and two unusual specialty pizzas: one with bacon, avocado, and tomato; and another with fried shrimp, bacon, roasted peppers, and garlic. yummymonkey loves the meatball appetizer (with tomato sauce, basil, and pecorino) but is sticking with nearby Fascati for pizza.

Chowhounds are split over this place, as they tend to be over every pizzeria in New York. NYJewboy complains of rubbery, flavorless cheese, an uninspiring crust that is soggy at the middle, and sauce that lacked “cultivation.” In all, he sniffs, it’s “pretty forgettable.” Nearly all agree, though, that Ignazio’s mops the floor with the tourist-choked Grimaldi’s around the corner.

Brooklyn pizza trackers couldn’t be blamed if they’d forgotten all about Anselmo’s in Red Hook, which originally announced it would open last July. Construction delays scotched those plans, but the place finally opened in late March.

“It was absolutely, positively worth waiting for! Simple, straightforward and delicious,” declares peacenow17, who recommends the classic with only tomato sauce, as well as the pizza bianco with pesto.

One selling point here is a coal-fired oven, a relative rarity prized by pizza cognoscenti for the crispness and smokiness it can impart (clean-air rules ban new ones, but old ones are grandfathered in). At Anselmo’s, shindiganna reports, the result is a crisp, thin, slightly chewy crust with just the right amount of char. She also loves the creamy, fresh mozzarella and bright, almost lemony tomato sauce.

In dissent (and you knew it was coming), some have complained of unevenly baked crusts—sometimes soggy, other times burned black—though more recent reports don’t mention this. oolah rates Anselmo’s quite good overall, “MUCH better than your average corner joint,” but prefers Lucali in Carroll Gardens, which is a real hound darling. “I’ll go back,” she adds, “but only because it’s so hard to get into Lucali’s these days.”

Ignazio’s Pizza [DUMBO]
4 Water Street (near Old Fulton Street), Brooklyn

Anselmo’s [Red Hook]
354 Van Brunt Street (at Sullivan Street), Brooklyn

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