Is Michael Recchiuti a stoner? Well, that’s his business. But let’s just say that he has the palate of a highly gourmet one in the middle of a sensational dream binge. (You won’t want to miss one of his latest creations, called Peanut Butter Pearls.)

At a recent media gathering, he introduced his upcoming themed tasting series, where members of the public can pay about $50 to come inside the factory for a special evening of chocolaty desserts paired with unexpected things like salts, artisanal spirits, beer, or meat. His sweet-savory creations were what got me excited, some of which might land on the menu:

• Chocolate, shiitake mushroom ice cream (I tried it—it’s good)
• “Crazy-ass ’smores” made in a panini press, featuring caramel, bacon, and marshmallow on brioche
• Macaroons with spreadable salami

My mind is blown!

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