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An Eastside Portland Chowhound Crawl

The Portland Chowhound board is a great resource for figuring out what restaurants to eat at on a trip, and I had fun meeting up with one of the contributors, Bertha Pearl, a.k.a. cheeseisheaven, to check out a few of her favorite eastside Portland places to eat.

Sarah Hart, owner of Alma, with Chowhound Bertha Pearl.

Alma Chocolate
This little shop is known for its “Icons,” chocolate molded into shapes like sacred hearts and Buddhas and then gold-leafed, but Bertha steered me toward the insanely good Thai peanut butter cups, the classic flavor combo reimagined with a much creamier, coconut–peanut butter–ginger-lime filling and volcanic salt sprinkles.

Taste Unique
The main deal at this little shop is making high-quality Italian takeout for people to heat up at home for dinner. But the chef (who moved from the Umbria region of Italy about three years ago) also makes a simple and fresh pizza bianca, a Roman-style focaccia you can order by the slab and snack on there. It’s chewy, yeasty, and comes brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt.

Slice Brick Oven Pizza and Apex
We had planned to get a few things at the food-cart pod called D-Street Noshery, but when we arrived most of the carts/trucks were closed. A bummer, as I was intrigued by Bertha’s description of a beer truck called Captured by Porches Brewing, one of the only beer carts I’ve ever heard of. We grabbed a pizza from the Slice Brick Oven Pizza truck and took it to Apex, a beer bar with an impressive list of craft beer on tap, including the New Belgium/Allagash collaboration Vrienden, a sour ale that I’ve been digging recently. Add to that a metal soundtrack, motorcycle videos, and outdoor seating, and I had no complaints.

Alma Chocolate
140 NE 28th Avenue, Portland

Taste Unique
2134 SE Division Street, Portland

Slice Brick Oven Pizza
In the D-Street Noshery, 3221 SE Division Street, Portland

1216 SE Division Street, Portland

Roxanne Webber is a former editor at CHOW.