Bryant Ng, formerly of Pizzeria Mozza, has opened The Spice Table right in Little Tokyo. It’s got a warm vibe and food inspired mostly by the cuisines of Singapore and Vietnam, and awesome craft beers, reports Perceptor. It’s not so much fancy fusion as straightforward and to-the-point crossover cuisine, says Perceptor.

Favorite dishes include fried chicken, fried cauliflower, and pâté. And the black pepper spicy crab toast “looks awesome, like Satan’s honeymoon futon,” says silence9.

The Hainanese chicken rice is awesome. You’re looking for aromatic, chicken-fat-cooked rice; slippery and glistening chicken skin; and the dipping sauce of ginger, green onion, chile sauce, and sweet, dark, thick soy. This version hits all the marks. It’s a bit more expensive than the San Gabriel Valley cafés, but it’s downtown, and the only Hainanese chicken rice in an upscale environment.

The Spice Table [Downtown]
114 S. Central Avenue, 
Los Angeles

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