Pudding people love Kozy Shack. While the most popular brand of grocery-store pudding, Jell-O, has an ingredient list containing artificial this and partially hydrogenated that, taking a peek at the back of the Kozy Shack package is mighty reassuring: sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla, mostly stuff you’d find in your own kitchen. They all taste great too, better than any cornstarch-glooped thing I’ve mixed up myself.

I particularly favor the rice pudding and the tapioca pudding. But yesterday as my little girl was making a passionate case for the purchase of a six-pack of puddings in front of the grocery dairy aisle, I spotted a new Kozy Shack flavor: chocolate hazelnut. Bought, brought home, tasted. Oh yeah. Rich, deep chocolate and a beautiful toasted hazelnut flavor, along with a perfect creamy texture. It has a Nutella vibe, but the nut flavor is more toasty-brown. Half the package is already gone.

Kozy Shack Pudding, $3.69 at grocery stores (prices may vary by region)

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