Sugar snap peas are a sweet and delicious spring and summer produce option. They’re best eaten soon after picking, so try to use them shortly after purchase. They taste great raw with your favorite dip, or cook ’em: Hounds like them blanched in salted water, then tossed with sesame oil and soy sauce or an orange-ginger glaze. don515 loves this recipe for stir-fried sugar snap peas with Chinese sausage.

Gio sautés sugar snap peas, sliced asparagus, chopped garlic, sliced shallot, and red pepper flakes in extra-virgin olive oil, seasons the whole lot with salt and pepper, and tosses it with pasta before sprinkling the dish with chopped Italian parsley and lots of Pecorino Romano.

Bat Guano sautés chopped oyster mushrooms in butter until browned, then adds snap peas and about a half cup white wine, more butter, and salt and pepper and cooks until the liquid’s reduced by half.

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