Playing off the recent New York Times article on nontraditional takes on banh mi, hounds shared interesting banh mi variations available in the Bay Area:

• Cam Huong Café has options like “salmon, teriyaki chicken, grilled beef w/ onion, bacon … None of these are upscale, but they are varied, tasty, and all under $3.00,” says lexdevil whose favorite is the curry chicken.
• Sea Salt makes a grilled eel banh mi which adrienne156 says wasn’t amazing overall, but “I distinctly remember thinking how the pickled vegetables and cilantro were much fresher than your typical banh mi and really seemed to pop.”
• Boccalone gets props for its sandwich made with warm lonza and coppa di testa, as well as pickled carrots, radishes, chiles, and mint, and an “ancient Roman sauce similar to nam pla,” says Robert Lauriston.
• At Banh Mi Ba Le you can get a meatball sandwich with a fried egg on it. “It’s really simple but just so amazingly delicious! The yolk mixed with the meatball is pure heaven,” says pastryqueen.

Cam Huong Café [East Bay]
920 Webster Street, Oakland

Sea Salt [East Bay]
2512 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

Boccalone Salumeria [Embarcadero]
1 Ferry Building #21, San Francisco


Banh Mi Ba Le [East Bay]
1909 International Boulevard, Oakland

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