Rose water is a traditional component of many Persian sweets, but Chowhounds like to use it in a variety of desserts. gourmet wife says a touch of rose water brings out the flavor of berries; she also adds a bit to tea and drinks it hot or iced.

Others use it in baking. Try pistachio cake with chilled rose syrup or Persian Love Cake, which has rose water in the frosting. farmersdaughter adds rose water to meringues before baking, then serves them with berries and cream whipped with some more rose water. And TimCarroll says many baklava recipes include it in the filling and syrup.

Rose water works with creamy desserts, too. Infomaniac says rice and rose water pudding is “a very simple and rich dessert.” Rose water, saffron, and pistachios flavor a classic Persian ice cream; you can make a shortcut version, or make it from scratch.

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