Dave’s Fresh Pasta food store, long a beloved hound hangout for its wide and delicious selection of sauces and housemade pasta, has taken over the space next to its original location, and has expanded its offerings as well.

Chowhounds are particularly excited about the addition of baguettes from B&R Bread, because, as autopi put it, Dave’s baguettes were “less than spectacular.” There’s also bread from noted Cambridge bakery Iggy’s, and fierce bargains on day-old product, stocked in the freezer case for times when “you just need that brioche for a last minute french toast craving,” says yumyum.

Dave’s has also beefed up its grocery selection, with new canned and prepared items like Herdez Mexican salsas, hot sauce, rice flour, and udon noodles joining the cheese, pasta, spreads, and wine the store has previously been known for.

Pia hopes that now that the dust has settled, Dave’s will start offering classes at night again. For about $25, participants are invited to taste libations and snacks. “As the parents of a toddler, we don’t get out that much and this was a great way to spend date night—try some new things and learn about the brewing process, be part of a small crowd but still get to talk to each other, have dinner, AND pick up some bottles of wine at a discount (I think it’s 10% the day you attend the class), all in one evening,” says Pia.

Dave’s Fresh Pasta [Somerville]
81 Holland Street, Somerville

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