It’s the sort of headline that makes you click: Peter Luger as a vegetarian? As goodhealthgourmet astutely expressed it, “I have to confess, when I saw the title of your post I thought it was going to be about a strange, random story claiming that Peter Luger had been a vegetarian at some point.”

Us, too! But nope, it’s an actual query from an actual vegetarian: Friends have invited her along for a meal at the famous Williamsburg steakhouse, and should she go? Frequent Luger diners are assuring her of lard or chicken stock in nearly every vegetarian side, including home fries cooked in beef tallow. msan, the veggie in question, is “OK with eating salad,” and indeed the restaurant does have both a Caesar and a mixed-green salad on the menu in addition to a baked potato, but the latter is apparently not always available.

Would you go to Luger for a mixed-green salad, or do you agree with Bob Martinez, who says, “You sitting there picking at a salad while they tuck into big steaks will just cast a pall over the evening”?

Peter Luger [Williamsburg]
178 Broadway, Brooklyn

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