One of the best things about cooking from books or paper recipes is that you can mark up the recipe as you adapt it to your own tastes. Maybe you replace half the oil in the muffins with applesauce, or you put an extra two cloves of garlic in, or dear God, it’s only half a teaspoon of salt, not two tablespoons. Whatever you change, you want to remember it, and one glaring flaw of most of the electronic recipe apps out there is that they don’t allow it.

The Recipe Box, a neat, sweet little recipe-keeping iPad app developed by a couple of cooking pals in the San Francisco Bay Area, does. Putting in recipes is a simple cut-and-paste job, or you can type them in. Once the recipe’s in, there’s a tab for notes, where you can put your variations and experiments. Tidy! Organized!

Another nifty feature: You can organize recipes by any category you choose. Yeah, sure, there are “main dishes” and “desserts,” but you can also have “Stuff the Kids Might Eat,” “No-Garlic Recipes” (for your grandma—garlic repeats on her), or “Stovetop Recipes” for when your oven’s on the fritz.

Recipe Box developer Kathy Tafel says she likes to find recipes when she’s “too sleepy to cook” and mark them as “haven’t tried this yet” in Recipe Box. “Then, when I’m awake enough to cook again, I have new recipes for inspiration,” she says. I dunno, trolling the Interwebs for late-night recipes? Something like that sounds kind of unwholesome. Yet familiar.

The Recipe Box, $6.99

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