After a long winter of eating bananas, oranges, and everlasting apples, you can understand why the mere mention of mangoes caused a small skirmish to break out on the boards.

First joebloe asked if anyone had yet seen any of the legendary Indian mango varieties, Kesar or Alphonso. Among the replies that followed, Chris VR innocently mentioned that “Ataulfo/Champagne mangoes” were now on sale at Costco, $5.59 for a six-pack.

That wasn’t good enough for joebloe: “I bought a six-pack of Champagne mangos from Costco and they’re just mangos; nothing compared to the Alphonso or Kesar.”

“Sorry they don’t meet your standards,” shot back Chris VR. “I still enjoyed them very much. I’d certainly be interested in trying the mangoes you’re discussing, but for others who are searching out Ataulfo mangoes … I’m simply pointing out that Costco has them.”

Well, maybe those mangoes will have to do for now, because it turns out that the hound-approved source for Indian varieties, Shiva Bazaar in Norwood, won’t have them until next week at the earliest (according to joebloe, who called to ask).

In the meantime, here’s StriperGuy talking about a great Indian mango he had last year: “I only intended to eat half and save some for later. Hah. What a remarkable, fragrant, tasty mango. Luscious, sexy, a bit acrid, I can still taste it on my tongue and in the back of my throat. I’ve not had mango that good since I was in Africa, and maybe never.”

joebloe also happened into a great bunch of Kesars last year: “It cost me $25 for a case of 10, which is five times the price of the other mangoes. The sweetness and the aroma was so incredible I can’t imagine eating any other kind of mango ever again, including the Alphonso mango.”

Sounds like Shiva Bazaar’s going to get a lot of phone calls this week.

Shiva Bazaar of India [Norwood]
914 Washington Street, Norwood

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