Chocolate maker Jacques Torres has branched out into ice cream. It’s great stuff, says wurstle, who sampled chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two house-baked chocolate chip cookies. The ice cream is light in texture, and the chocolate flavor is reminiscent of Torres’s popular hot chocolate. The cookies are first rate, filled with big chunks, not tiny chips, of Jacques Torres chocolate. “Quite good on a hot day,” concludes wurstle, “all in all miles above a Chipwich.”

The rotating ice cream flavors also include vanilla and hazelnut. It’s available at both Torres stores, in the West Village and DUMBO.

Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven [West Village]
350 Hudson St., at King, Manhattan

Jacques Torres [DUMBO]
66 Water St., near Dock, Brooklyn

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Ice Cream at Jacques Torres & DUMBO as an ice cream destination

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