An Angeleno hound has posted on the Brooklyn board asking where to find Chinese food in Fort Greene—specifically, the Shanghainese version of nian gao (sometimes seen as neen gow), the traditional Chinese glutinous rice dish he has in his neighborhood in LA. His sister lives in Fort Greene with her baby and is pining for the fried cake.

It’s a sweet gesture, but Brooklyners are stumped so far: Said sister doesn’t want to leave Fort Greene for the treat. Although nothing has filled the bill yet, kudos goes to Lau for giving it a shot and for welcoming Mr Taster to the Brooklyn board!

So we ask you to chime in: Know of a nian gao stronghold in Fort Greene? Or do any of these recipes appeal?

Discuss: Hey, Brooklyn! Prove to my sister that she can get delicious pan-fried nian gao 年糕 like we do in Los Angeles.

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