Cranky over a November 2008 New York Times article that said it was impossible to eat well on a dollar a day, Rebecca Currie determined to take on the same project—and triumph! In early February, she launched her blog Less Is Enough, and now that the dollar-a-day project is nearing its end, you can look over the experiment. The blog has pictures of the foods she made as well as pictures of store receipts so you can see that yes, indeed, a box of Jiffy bran muffin mix was 59 cents.

So what did Currie, who was determined to stick with whole foods instead of junk, eat? Oats. Sunflower seeds. Frozen vegetables. Pasta and beans and tortillas and tomato sauce. One particularly delicious-looking morning, she ate something called an Idaho Sunrise, which is a Marion Cunningham recipe for a baked potato with an egg broken and baked over the top. Cunningham says, “when you mash the egg into the buttered potato, it’s like the sun coming up over the mountains.” Currie says, “I think that might have been the best meal I’ve ever had.”

Currie also had to run around to multiple stores to get bargains, duly noted as time-consuming and frustrating, and generally couldn’t afford meat. And she had to buy odd amounts of food in bulk: six cents of salt in the video below for instance.

There are other bloggers who have done the cheap-eats thing as well. Take a look at the differing approaches of the Dollar-a-Day Challenge, Hungry for a Month, and One Dollar Diet Project blogs, the latter of which inspired the November Times story.

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