ced9 probably didn’t mean to ignite a storm of controversy with a simple post extolling the cupcakes at Sweet. “The cupcakes are just the right size, all natural, and as fresh as possible—not to mention beautiful and well priced!” writes ced9 enthusiastically. “I would put them up against any Crumbs, Billy’s, or Buttercup Bakery cupcake in NYC any day.”

“Meh. Doesn’t touch Party Favors,” harrumphs BarmyFotheringayPhipps.

“Oh come on,” fires back tamerlanenj. “Party Favors? Home of the rock hard ice cold refrigerated cupcakes with the mountain of cheap frosting? I know it’s cool to be against the hip place but Sweet really blows PF out of the water for quality.”

“Or … you could, y’know, not eat it directly out of the refrigerator,” retorts Barmy.

The debate rages on from there, with Sweet fans disparaging Party Favors and vice versa. But SaraASR breaks it down, saying that the places are just different: “Sweet rides the [coattails] of the upscale, trendy cupcake boutiques that are popping up all over the country. Party Favors is the best of the best in terms of traditional bakery cupcakes. End of story.”

Sweet [Back Bay]
49 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston

Party Favors [Brookline]
1356 Beacon Way, Brookline

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