I don’t know Paulette, but I dig her macarons. Just to clarify, I haven’t misspelled macaroon (though I like those too). I’m talking about the French sweets made by sandwiching tasty ganache or cream between itsy meringue cookies.

I am a self-admitted macarons addict; it’s an affliction that’s stayed with me from my time abroad. Back then the question was not where to find a good macaron, but rather who in all of Paris made the best. Traditionalists swear by the anal perfection of Ladurée while modernists, myself included, like the whimsically creative flavors at Pierre Hermé.

But ever since I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve searched high and low in vain (as have other Chowhounds) for a textbook perfect macaron (with a smooth, crackly shell and a chewy interior). Paulette’s macarons are worthy contenders and there are plenty of fun flavors to try. Of those I’ve tried, I’m still swooning over the salted caramel as well as the New Orleans praline, but I’m planning a trip back ASAP as I can hear the violet cassis calling my name.

By the way, Paulette is not the only good macaron-maker in Hayes Valley.

Paulette Macarons, 437 Hayes Street (at Gough Street), San Francisco

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