How do you eat a whole pig’s foot? In most cases, say Chowhounds, the answer is unashamedly, and with your hands. “Pick it up with your hands, tear it apart with your fingers, gnaw at it with your teeth and suck it clean with your mouth,” says ipsedixit. Use a bib if you want, but “whatever you do don’t be shy. Attack it like a steak lover would a prime rib eye after a month on a vegetarian diet.”

Just “pick ’er up and start gnawing,” advises porker. The skin is completely edible, though fatty. Eat the meat, chew and enjoy the tendon and sinew, and chomp the bone clean and spit it on your plate. And “don’t be afraid of making sucking noises and displaying pleasure!” says porker.

If you want to be all polite about it in a restaurant, Sam Fujisaka suggests this method: “Ask for an extra plate and a small knife. Break it down and get all the good stuff in small pieces and bits and then toss back into the bowl.”

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